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Because every cool project has screenshots. You can click on the images below to get a bigger, more complete screenshot. All images (thumbnails and full-sized versions) are available under this Creative Commons license. When you’re done looking at the screenshots, please visit the main In Series page for the latest download and more links.

Screenshots for In Series 3.0

Writing a post that is not part of a seriesCreating a new seriesAdding a post to an existing seriesViewing a post in a seriesReordering posts in a seriesConfiguring In Series output

Screenshots for In Series 2.2

Writing a post that is not in a series.Adding a post to a new series.Editing a post in an existing series.Adding a post to an existing series.Viewing a post in a series
Changing link output options.Displaying previous and next links in a multiple post view.Displaying previous, next, and table of contents links in a single post view.Displaying the series name before a post title.

10 Responses to “Screenshots”

  1. Avataral-fa

    will begin experimentation pronto on this little plugin you havey here

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  2. AvatarJohn Kolbert

    Nice, was just getting ready to write a “series” post. This looks like it may be handy. Thanks!

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  3. AvatarDave Trowbridged

    Wow! Talk about serendipity. I just authored a series of posts on my first grape harvest and winemaking, and was dreading the process of manually creating a series page. Thank you!

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  4. AvatarQuandary
    Author Comment

    I’m glad you folks find it useful! Be sure and let me know if you have any problems. :)

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  5. AvatarMike

    I have over 600 pages on my blog as static pages, embedded in many layers. They’re training lessons in dozens of different categories. However, I have some membership plugins that don’t would work much better on posts rather than pages. Now with this In-Series plugin, I can switch everything over to posts and keep the content organized for students. Thanks so much for the plugin.
    Now I’ve got some work cutout for me…

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  6. AvatarQuandary
    Author Comment

    Hi Mike,

    Wow, that sounds like it will be some task! I’m glad you like In Series enough to convert that many pages for it. I should probably think about an automatic category converter in the future… in fact, I’ll file a bug on that before I forget it. :)

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  7. AvatarLiving Life Abundantly

    Wow so glad I came across this. I’m planning to do a couple of series post, this plugin is perfect for me. Thank you :)

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  8. AvatarQuandary
    Author Comment

    Sorry; your post got caught up in my spamtrap, and I just now freed it. I’m glad to hear that In Series is working out for you; please be sure and let me know if you run into any problems. :)

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  9. AvatarKWiz

    This version is very user-friendly. I have the last version, and I ran into some bugs. I just have one question…

    If I want the series to appear at the bottom of the post, how would I do that?


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  10. AvatarQuandary
    Author Comment

    Hey KWiz,

    By “series”, I assume you mean “table of contents”. Have a look at the FAQ. ;)

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